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gods own lunchtime snackyfood

Well, probably.
Either way, I live off these damned things, so figured I mayswell post about it.
This is the triple-fried-egg-chilli-sandwich
Dead simple. big frying pan, lots of oil, get it stupidly hot, and scop a few eggs in. I normally use 3, but have been known to use 4 if they're small eggs or if I break one of them dropping it into the pan.
Also this is a great way to get scars on your hands from boiling fat. Oh, don't use your fingers to fish bits of broken eggshell out of the fat.
For the bread, I normally leave it untoasted, unless it's starting to go a bit stale, in which case I toast it. If I was feeling really lardy, I could fry it, but I don't think my arteries have requested such punishment yet.
Butter the toast or not, as you see appropriate. It's not really essential.
Eggs should be done so they're still runny and wobbly. If they're a little bit see-through still, I'm sure that never killed anyone. It's better than horrible over-fried eggs where the yolk has gone all solid.
Now fish these things out, still dribbling fat all over the place. Pile them on your lower slice of bread, coat liberally with freshly ground black pepper, a decent dollop or two of tomato ketchup, and a bit splash or two of chilli sauce. I normally use the stuff that's like spicy tomato sauce, but the thai stuff would probaby work well too. And tobasco. Hell, still them all on. Twice.
Add the top slice for completion. And maybe a cocktail umbrella or something for garnish.
Best eaten with knife and fork, as it can be a bit messy. But sticks to your ribs something proper, and you won't feel hungry for at least an hour.
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