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Scoff Central's Journal
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Thursday, August 25th, 2005
1:48 pm
mmmmm cake! this made me giggle...

title or description

"press the button, click the comic for the link!"

"add to friends list for daily updates mon-fri"...

Thursday, July 31st, 2003
11:44 am
I just made myself a bacon and mozzarella toasted sandwich, with plenty of oregano and black pepper. It was pure ownage. Might have been better with some tomato in there too, though.
Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003
11:12 am
reverse thinking of a sort...
You know when some people accidentally eat a cake or something, they get all panicky and have to go jog a mile or two to burn off the calories?
Well it appears that this morning, I have to get off my flabby arse and walk to the jobcentre. So I was wondering what I should eat to regain those much needed calories. Any recommendations for post inadvertent-exercise snacks?
Thursday, June 26th, 2003
12:10 pm
I just got some cut-price hot dog sausages from the Co-op. 13 grams of fat per sausage! I just had two of em in a sarnie. I am a fat bastard and no mistake.
Wednesday, June 25th, 2003
2:51 pm
The Great British Fry-Up
Seeing as how it is quite possibly the quintessential lardy breakfast, I thought I'd ask your opinions on which constituents should go into a fry up? And what type should they be?
To kickstart proceedings, my ideal fry-up usually consists of a couple of fried eggs, some fried bread, few rashers of fried smoked back-bacon (done so it's tender but not too crispy), a couple of sausages (herby lincolnshire for preference), a fried tomato or two, dollop of baked beans and some black pudding. Perhaps a hash brown or two (usually fried) if I'm feeling peckish.
covered with lots of black pepper, and washed down with a large mug of strong black ground coffee.
What gets you going in the morning, then?

As an aside, for those who don't like eating first thing in the morning, the full-english makes a fine meal any time of the day. I once promised myself a massive fry-up one day during a heavy night out, but by the time my hangover had abated the next day, it was half past midnight.
Tuesday, June 24th, 2003
7:58 pm
gods own lunchtime snackyfood
Well, probably.
Either way, I live off these damned things, so figured I mayswell post about it.
This is the triple-fried-egg-chilli-sandwich
Dead simple. big frying pan, lots of oil, get it stupidly hot, and scop a few eggs in. I normally use 3, but have been known to use 4 if they're small eggs or if I break one of them dropping it into the pan.
Also this is a great way to get scars on your hands from boiling fat. Oh, don't use your fingers to fish bits of broken eggshell out of the fat.
For the bread, I normally leave it untoasted, unless it's starting to go a bit stale, in which case I toast it. If I was feeling really lardy, I could fry it, but I don't think my arteries have requested such punishment yet.
Butter the toast or not, as you see appropriate. It's not really essential.
Eggs should be done so they're still runny and wobbly. If they're a little bit see-through still, I'm sure that never killed anyone. It's better than horrible over-fried eggs where the yolk has gone all solid.
Now fish these things out, still dribbling fat all over the place. Pile them on your lower slice of bread, coat liberally with freshly ground black pepper, a decent dollop or two of tomato ketchup, and a bit splash or two of chilli sauce. I normally use the stuff that's like spicy tomato sauce, but the thai stuff would probaby work well too. And tobasco. Hell, still them all on. Twice.
Add the top slice for completion. And maybe a cocktail umbrella or something for garnish.
Best eaten with knife and fork, as it can be a bit messy. But sticks to your ribs something proper, and you won't feel hungry for at least an hour.

Current Mood: hungry, now
6:08 pm
Lurpak with Mediterranean Herbs is totally yum. It's meant for cooking, so it comes in a nice little stick. It's totally packed with herbs and when you stir it into hot pasta a most delicious aroma rises up. This would be a tasty little dish on it's own but this evening I added a cherry tomato and mascarpone sauce. I resisted the temptation to add more cheese - I regretted this decision because it would have been a lot nicer with extra cheesy goodness. I would have put some sausage in there too but I scoffed em all this morning. BURP!
Monday, June 23rd, 2003
7:32 pm
Mmmm lard
Just made myself a very pleasant evening meal. Two slices of bread, toasted on one side, then placed on the other side some sliced pomodorino tomatoes, roughly chopped red onion, loads of black pepper, and the meat from a cooked chicken leg. Then slapped on about half a ton of Mozarella, and on top of that some shaved parmesan. Grilled it until yummy. I would have put some Pesto in there too but I haven't got any. I suppose it was rather like pizza but without the tomato paste, and on the wrong kind of bread. Yum.
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